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    ADRIA - Croatia

    ADRIA - Croatia

    Croatia is the country of the Adriatic Sea and fertile land. Slavonia, the breadbasket of Croatia, as it is often called, takes up the very east of the country. A simple, welcoming region, rich in spirit.

    Numerous creeks and the rivers Sava, Drava and Danube meander through the vast plains of Slavonia. Water is the reason its black soil is so fertile.

    Slavonia has always been known for pig farming, to which the mild continental climate contributed a great deal. Each summer morning, the golden fields of wheat bathe in the sunshine.

    Beside a crystal clear creek, while the wind gently sways the poplar trees, blowing the scent of freshly mowed hay, grass-fed pigs roam freely on green meadows. It is precisely such natural diet that makes their meat so delicious.

    Accustomed to living in harmony with nature, Slavonian people have been honouring this tradition and preparing pork delicacies for centuries.

    All that is required for their production and ripening are spices and time. The result is recognizable and delicious flavour of pork that makes Slavonia a unique gastronomic destination.

    Mediterranean specialties from Duroc pig