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    Our story

    Our story

    The story about ADRIA D’ORO began as a vision of the founder and owner of Žito Group, Marko Pipunic. Inspired by a Cherokee Indian legend of the white and black wolf, he decided to feed the good white wolf and create something new for the welfare of Slavonia and its people.

    I have to choose between two wolves: the good white wolf and the evil black wolf. I always choose the white one. Although a path less travelled, it is more rewarding and gives me a sense of purpose. I wish to be guided by the good and the light in reaching my goals. Right now, my goal is to create the products from the Slavonian pig, based on the recipes of the world’s best producers whom I look up to in terms of quality and flavour.

    I strongly believe that anything a man creates for himself during his lifetime will cease to exist once he is gone, and everything a man creates for others – will live on forever. I wish for a safe and prosperous future for my Slavonian plain, and I know that everyone who buys our product will see the benefits of its good ingredients.

    Marko Pipunić